Mr Nicholas Lawless

About Mr Nicholas Lawless 

Nothing impacts your quality of life more than your relationships, and Nick has a particular interest in working with couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties using Integrative Behavioural Couples Therapy (IBCT).


Nick has also had training in Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), and he is currently completing a PhD with a primary focus on investigating how sexual functioning and pornography use impact on relationship outcomes (see below for details of a current study Nick is running and how to participate).


Having said that, Nick is passionate about helping everyone to live fulfilling lives and become the best version of themselves. If you are seeing Nick for individual therapy, he will help you to make sense of your symptoms and then work with you to develop a treatment plan which addresses these most effectively.


Because of its remarkable success at treating a wide range of presenting problems when compared to other approaches, this will often include Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, however Nick is also trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Psychodynamic therapy (PDT).

Aside from couples therapy, Nick’s other areas of interest include PTSD, OCD, phobias, perfectionism and pornography addiction.


Note: If you choose to participate in the following study and Nick knows you, he will not have any access to your data.


Do you CLASH with your partner? 
Couples living in Australia are needed for the Couple CLASH study! 

Researchers from Deakin University are seeking to track couples over time to identify what combination of factors cause some couples to clash and others to thrive. Couple CLASH is a study dealing with issues around Conflict, Love, Attitudes, Stress and Hardships (CLASH). Couples will engage in 2 video-recorded discussion tasks and 5 surveys over a 12-month period. You and your partner will be asked about your experiences in relationships, current life stress, substance use, pornography use, attitudes, and aspects of your personalities. Participate with your partner and share just 5.5 hours of your time over 12-months and at the completion of the study, couples will receive: 

  • free access to an internationally acclaimed online couples therapy program  

  • expert tips for enriching your relationship  

  • a $100 gift voucher (per couple) 

You and your partner must both be willing and able to participate, over the age of 18, fluent in English, not currently subject to criminal proceedings, and living in Australia. Head to to find out more or take our screening questionnaire to find out if you’re eligible to take part! Screening questionnaire: