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About Liza Jayakody

Liza is a provisional psychologist, who engages with her clients in a relaxed , casual and client centered way.

She understands that seeking help can be difficult, and she wants to make reaching out as comfortable as possible.

She believes that it is important to bring her actual self into the therapy space with you, and prides herself on authenticity.  

She will take the time to listen to you, hear your story, to really understand what is going on for you.  

Together, she will help you will gain an understanding of the root cause of your difficulty and map out a game plan.

She will help you identify any barriers, and develop a plan with you to move past them.

Liza has a strong passion and interest in working with complex family systems, relationship difficulties, self-esteem issues, anxiety and depression. 

Liza is keen to get working with you on your goals.

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