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    Whether you have been waiting to fall pregnant for some time or not, finding out you're pregnant is one of those lump in your throat moments.

    That lump in your throat can at times be a difficult dilemma that you must face if the pregnancy is a surprise.

    Don't go through these feelings or decisions alone.

    Psychologists are completely neutral and compassionate and can help you explore your feelings and options without judgement. 


    Find out what is right for you.


    A decision to terminate a pregnancy can be one of the most difficult to face.

    You may feel alone in your decision, pained and fearful.

    You may have already undergone your procedure and be grieving your loss, not sure how you feel, and feeling unable to talk with friends and family about it.

    You may be finding anniversaries of your termination difficult to bear.

    Don't go through these feelings or decisions alone.

    Psychologists are completely neutral and compassionate and can help you learn to grieve your loss.


    Waiting to fall pregnant can be a distressing time, full of frustrations, disappointments and pain.   


    Fertility treatments are exhausting, taxing your body, emotions and finances. 


    This time can also put a great deal of strain on your relationship.

    Don't go through this difficult period the hard way. 


    Skilled therapists are available to help you feel your way through the process, help you find your ease with the wait, and keep your happiness and relationship in check.



    Heavy, mixed emotions can follow the loss of baby, such as deep grief, guilt, and anger.

    Mothers who miscarry sometimes are left feeling a loss they don't feel they talk about and honour in the same way as they might if they had named , and buried a child carried to term.

    These mothers are subjected to well-intentioned but hurtful comments such as 'it was not meant to be', or 'you're young you'll try again soon'.

    Don't endure the pain alone.  Psychologists can help you explore your feelings and learn to cope with your loss.

Distress During Pregnancy

If you believe all the hype, pregnancy is the best time of your life, breast feeding is natural and babies just know what to do, and that motherhood is a joy to behold.  


If you listen too much to your mother in law, you will believe that your baby should be sleeping through the night, toilet trained by now, and that your child just needs discipline and consistency.

Unfortunately, for many women, these myths only further alienate them, make them feel like they are somehow failing, and cause further distress and despair.

With psychological support, all new mothers, can learn to accept the feelings they cannot pick and choose, learn to ride the waves of feelings with ease, feel good, and enjoy the task of building their families.


Our skilled therapists can help you realise that you are not alone in feeling this way, that feeling these feelings about motherhood is normal, and temporary, will not harm your baby, and will help you learn strategies for dealing with strong emotions, until the good stuff kicks in.

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