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Seeing a Child Psychologist in Pakenham for Family Concerns


We all deal with problems - even children – and seeing a child psychologist near Pakenham can provide useful insight. Knowing how to handle those problems can help us grow as people. At Winnicott Psychology, we work to aid children and their parents in understanding these challenges.


What Sets Winnicott Psychology Apart as a Child Psychologist near Pakenham


Why book in with us? Consider that we stand apart by offering:


  • More than talk therapy. We use science-based approaches to children’s symptoms, working to help you and your child understand emotion and learn powerful strategies for enhanced communication, reduced conflict and increased cooperation.

  • You will be included in your child’s treatment from the outset. Treatment will likely involve a mix of individual child sessions, family sessions with you and your child, and at times may include parent-only sessions.

  • While getting the right treatment for your child is serious business, you and your child will find therapy sessions playful and relaxed, and you will both feel heard and understood.


When the lines of communication with your child seem closed, a professional’s help may assist you in repairing this bond. 


Problems with Seeing a Child Psychologist near Pakenham that Winnicott Psychology Addresses 


While you may see potential benefits to unlock with these services, you may still have some concerns, such as:


  • Uncertainty about the process. It’s normal for both your child and you to have some apprehensions about the process. We strive to put everyone at ease so that we can work together to develop solutions. 

  • Inconvenience in scheduling or location. At Winnicott Psychology, flexibility is important to our team. We make every attempt to accommodate your needs and schedule as necessary. We offer before and after hours appointments, as well as options to book online. 


You can trust that our team are dedicated to working with you and your family to help your child feel good again. 


About Winnicott Psychology

Over a decade and a half, Winnicott Psychology has established itself as an area leader in psychological services with a robust team. We know just how great feeling well is – and we want to help our clients feel the same way. Discover more about the differences we provide today.

Child Psychologist Near Pakenham

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