What is a Provisional Psychologist?

A Provisional Psychologist is a Psychologist in the final year of their 6, 7 or 8 year full time training program (Masters, Doctorate or PhD in Psychology).

What are the benefits of seeing a Provisional Psychologist?

Provisional Psychologists offer you psychological treatment at a significantly reduced cost. Provisional Psychologists have a smaller case load, so they can spend more time reflecting on your treatment plan. Provisional Psychologists are more readily available, and can offer you a short wait time.

How might I use the psychology services of a Provisional Psychologist?

You may wish to seek treatment but cost is an issue. In this case you may wish to see our Provisional Psychologist for your entire treatment, from initial assessment through the treatment until you are feeling well again. Alternately, you may already be seeing your registered Psychologist, but may have run out of Medicare Rebated sessions, and our Provisional Psychologist can offset the cost of continuing your treatment until the new calendar year rolls around. Or, your registered Psychologist may have completed their treatment with you and your condition has now stabilised, and they may now recommend that you see the Provisional Psychologist for maintenance sessions to help you keep your gains.

Why consider seeing a Provisional Psychologist?

Provisional Psychologists have completed the same university training as your fully registered psychologist. They make the same assessments of your symptoms, make sense of how they arose, and then chose the appropriate interventions as a registered psychologist. They meet regularly for vigorous supervision and mentoring with two senior psychologists who are approved by the Psychology Board, and they continue to do extensive professional development each year. This program of experience, supervision and mentorship adheres to the strict regulations set in place by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) with regards to knowledge, method, principles, techniques and ethical standards. The only thing they dont yet have is years of experience. We all had to start somewhere.

Why does Winnicott Psychology Clinic have Provisional Psychologists on the team?

We love having Provisional Psychologists on the team. We believe strongly in rigorous training within our profession. We believe in offering reduced fee options to help you reach your treatment goals. Our whole team thrives on the enthusiasm and curiosity Provisional Psychologists bring with them.

Seeing a Provisional Psychologist at the clinic

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