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Deepen your work with clients.   
Improve your confidence as a clinician.

Board Approved Supervision 

with Rosie Batten

Rosie's supervision style is warm and supportive.  Becoming a therapist can be a very challenging process professionally and personally, and Rosie will help you to navigate those challenges in a collaborative way.

Rosie works with with you to link theory to practice.  She will asssist you in understanding how your clients have adapted to their unique set of life experiences, and how that presents in their daily life and the therapy room.

Rosie will work with you to develop your skills in evidence-based assessment and intervention, but does so in a curious and relaxed manner that appies to your everyday work with clients.

If you are completing your internship with Rosie as your principal supervisor she will assist you to develop a plan to meet your competencies and complete your case reports, and work through any hiccups that may come along the way.

Rosie will assist you in the process of becoming the therapist you want to be, by drawing on your own unique set of strengths and areas of interest, and applying these to the powerfu work you with your clients.  

Board Approved Clinical Supervision

with Dr Melissa Vella



Melissa is not the kind of supervisor to teach you the nuts and bolts about a particular theoretical approach, but she will help you explore the dynamics between you and your clients in the space that happens in the room, what is at play, and what can be more worked with therapeutically. 

She is interested in helping you keep within your role with clients – helping you keep an eye on not doing too much care or working too much from your own values and experiences.     

She will help you look at client’s strengths and weaknesses through a developmental lense, to see what is over and under developed, and to help you use these insights to help your clients shift and become more stable and content in their lives.   

Melissa believes that all behaviours and symptoms will make sense given a clients history, and she works to help you see your clients as adaptive (they’ve managed this far without you), and that therapy is there to help those adaptations become more relevant for their current needs, more effective and more healthy.  

She will help you to learn to manage your feelings about client boundaries - starting and finishing sessions on time, and help you develop personal procedures for out of session client contact, seeing multiple members of systems etc, to help you limit therapeutic hic-ups. 

Melissa is down to earth, warm and curious, a straight shooter, and is keen to make the sometimes painful process of learning the craft of becoming a therapist enjoyable. 

Melissa is a Board Approved Clinical Supervisor, and provides supervision on tap to all the team in house.  

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