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Winnicott Announcements 

We have immediate availability for child, adolescent and adult clients with a number of our practitioners.  


Please remember you are eligible for 10 Medicare Rebated sessions available in 2024.

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Thriving futures, no matter what has passed

Our therapists will teach you how

Learn how to manage your anxiety and depression

Your therapist will assess your symptoms, help you make sense of them in the context of your past experiences, and coach you in applying powerful skills to thinking and feeling.  You can learn to feel in control of your emotions. 


Bilateral Eye movements administered by specially trained psychologists

fade traumatic memories, eliminate distress and future fears.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) is a faster

more effective treatment for trauma than regular talking therapies. 

Clients feel almost immediate benefits without the need to

practice strategies or do homework in between sessions.

Learn how to talk so your kids will listen

Learn how to listen so your kids will talk


Our therapists will teach you powerful parenting techniques to help you guide your child to good behaviour.  These techniques will make you and your child feel positive, in tune and connected.

Get help with managing anger

Learn to overcome angry distressed states that leave you feeling out of control and guilty.

You can learn how to harness your anger to find out what it is that you truly want and develop powerful communication skills to get it.

Don't let anger ruin your relationships any longer.

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