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grow, learn and thrive.   
An internship is only just the beginning.

College Student

Madeleine Cavicchi - Provisional Psychologist

I can only encourage other early career mental health clinicians to get in touch with the Winnicott Psychology Clinic.


This lovely journey began with meeting the clinic Director Melissa in early 2022. It took a whole year for the stars to align to complete my final placement of the Masters of Clinical Psychology at the clinic, but it was well worth the wait.  My experience of the Winnicott Psychology Clinic is that it is truly a warm, kind and psychologically safe place. These qualities are especially important for early career clinicians.  Melissa’s honest, humourous down-to-earth approach made me feel instantly comfortable. This was partnered with a focus on rigorous clinical assessment and ongoing case formulation and measurement of client progress. The Winnicott Psychology Clinic’s therapeutic outlook aligned with my own, especially regarding respect for clients and collaborative practice, and working with Melissa also allowed me to hone my psychological skills in diagnosis and evidence-based treatment.

Being comfortable, surrounded by friendly, supportive colleagues and a professional and efficient client care team fast-tracked the development of my skills as a psychologist. The combination of a great client care team, excellent online platforms and automated processes allows for a clinician’s time to be focused on doing therapy, the bit we all love.
I moved from a 6 months internship to working as a General Psychologist with the team as I wanted to keep learning and growing.

If you want to feel seen, heard, supported and appreciated, reach out to Melissa and the team.
You won’t regret it!

Maddie Robinson - Psychologist 

"I completed my internship here as part of the 5+1 pathway after completing my MPP and loved it. I worked with clients who had diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, OCD, alcohol and substance use disorders – to name a few. It was such a rapid pace of a year with many steep learning curves following a year of minimal exposure to clients due to COVID and lockdowns throughout 2020 but I was well supported by Melissa and the whole team.


Some of my favourite parts of the internship was observing other clinicians delivering treatment and intervention with their clients – watching an EMDR session and seeing the client walking out of the room weightless and smiling had me hooked and I have since registered to undergo EMDR training. The team are all so welcoming and want to help you in any way that they can to keep the profession growing and have so many years of experience – yet they never leave you feeling silly or wishing you hadn’t asked them something.


Supervision with Melissa was hands down the best part of my internship. She encourages and reminds you of the skills you already have and helps you to nut out what you need to continue working on to feel more confident. The care and time she put into these supervision sessions was amazing, no amount of supervision was ever too much, and she was always happy for me to come down the hall and ask questions if she was free.


Jodie was another part of what I loved about WPC in my internship year. Her smile and kindness was infectious, and she would always go above and beyond to fill in appointments if someone cancelled or to create room for any of the staff to have a break if we needed it. Coming from previous placements where I had to do all the admin myself it was incredible to have Jodie doing this and took multiple things off an already very busy to do list.


I grew so much as both a practitioner and a person throughout my year with the team and cannot thank them enough for this start to my career. "

Tom Rosser, Psychologist

"After completing my MPP, I started my +1 internship at a different psychology clinic. This placement was sadly not very supportive. I believed for a long time that this was just what “working in psychology” looked like, and that it was simply something I had to accept (and endure). Halfway through the internship, I decided to leave and hope there were better options out there.


I found Winnicott Psychology Clinic through some strategic googling, and asked whether there was a spot for me on their team. Thankfully, they decided there was, and it became clear to me very quickly that this was not like my previous workplace.

I’ve been employed at Winnicott Psychology Clinic since August 2021. The environment here is warm, supportive, and the team is filled with an amazing administrator and the friendliest psychologists who you will ever meet.
Melissa is a brilliant supervisor who helps to make therapy uncomplicated. She is incredibly supportive and wants to bring the best out of her supervisees.

At Winnicott Psychology Clinic you can expect to work with a wide range of clients with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and more. I have learned many great therapeutic skills here, fine-tuned my process of case conceptualization, and have also now registered to become trained in EMDR.
Working at Winnicott Psychology Clinic continues to be a great experience. I have already grown so much as a therapist in my time here!"

Siobhan Anderson, Clinical Psychologist

“My placement at Winnicott was my final placement as part of my Masters of Clinical Psychology.


From the moment I entered the clinic on the day of my interview, I knew it would be a great fit. The clinic is such a warm and inviting environment, and the Winnicott team made me feel like one of their own from my very first day.


In the early stages of my placement, I got the great opportunity to sit in on sessions with most of the Winnicott therapists, meaning that I got exposed to a huge range of client presentations and a range of therapeutic styles from the outset. One of my favourite parts of these early days was getting to sit in on EMDR sessions, which was so different to anything I had been taught as part of my degree, and sparked a huge interest in this area for me.


As my own case load built up, I gained experience working with clients across the lifespan with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, trauma, parenting difficulties, OCD, substance abuse, and more.


Melissa’s supervision through Winnicott was a huge part of my journey. Melissa taught me to embrace not knowing all the answers, and helped me develop a curious and explorative approach to therapy that has really shaped the way I practise as a therapist. I have never felt worried or embarrassed to bring up any of the many mistakes I made in my early days with Melissa - I knew that I could bring anything to her and she would help me use it as an opportunity to grow without judgment.


I also need to give a special nod to Jodie, she works so hard to support us clinicians and makes some of the more complicated parts of the job feel so easy.


Towards the end of my placement I was extremely excited to be offered an ongoing position, and am now approaching the end of my registrar program.


I think the warmth and support that oozes from the team at Winnicott is very hard to find, and on the days where this job can be challenging and confronting, there is nothing better than knowing that a supportive ear is only a few steps down the hallway or a phone call away.”

 Nick Lawless, Clinical Psychologist

"I started my 6 month placement at Winnicott at the beginning of 2018, my second year of a clinical masters at Victoria University.


I had done some client work at the university clinic, but Winnicott was my first external placement. I loved it so much that I have never left.


When my placement came to an end I was offered a job to continue working as a provisional psych at the clinic while I finished my masters.


The following year when I finally received my general registration, I worked full-time as a psychologist whilst completing my clinical registrar program.


2 years later, and now I am employed here as a clinical psych. Melissa and the team have made me feel welcome from day one.


I have been so well supported through abundant (and free!) supervision (individual and group), and the work conditions and facilities here are amazing with most of the admin side of things taken care of by Jodie and things like voice recognition software to help smash out your case notes.


My wellbeing as a person has always been the number one priority for Melissa and she has always been flexible, understanding and supportive when life's thrown some curveballs.


About 4 years later, I look back on the day I contacted Winnicott to enquire about a placement as a pivotal moment in my journey as a psych. Working here has been such a blessing!"

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