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There is no shame in using a child Psychologist to help your Cranbourne family.

Children undergo developmental changes as they mature into adulthood. Our child Psychologist helps Cranbourne parents to recognise and understand which of their child’s behaviors aren’t normal. We also give you the skills to connect with your children and to assist them in learning how to manage their emotions. 

Tips Regarding a Child Psychologist in Cranbourne

We provide safe and calm therapy rooms for our child patients and their families so they can get the most out of their sessions. However, it is important to remember the following tips:


  • Realise that progress and improvement may take time so try not to rush your child.

  • Tell your child about the appointment beforehand so they can process the idea and ask questions.

  • Arrive early to help your child relax and take in their surroundings before the session begins.

The Importance of a Child Psychologist for Cranbourne Families

We assist you with parenting techniques that will help you and your child feel connected and have a positive outlook on life. We also help to identify abnormalities in your child that will affect their development.

  • We assist with learning issues, hyperactivity, anxiety and early childhood trauma which can result in the displaying of behaviours not normal for children.

  • We will take a full developmental history as part of a comprehensive assessment of your child’s symptoms in order to develop a treatment plan.

About Winnicott Psychology Clinic

With a passion for helping people feel good and manage their emotional distress, we are a team of eight therapists who provide professional support to children, families, couples and individuals. We have staff members experienced in general and clinical psychology, and our tranquil environment is the ideal setting for your therapy session. Contact us and learn skills that will provide helpful strategies with your child’s behaviour. 

Our Child Psychologist for Cranbourne Families will Bring Clarity About Your Child’s Behaviour

Our therapists are taking new patients!

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