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Our skilled child Psychologist offers Narre Warren parents professional help. 

We will assess your child and implement a clinical treatment plan that will help your child work through trauma or behavioural problems. Our child Psychologist for Narre Warren will involve you in your child’s treatment plan and offer tailored strategies that will assist with issues such as sibling rivalry, anxiety, bed wetting, tantrums, attention difficulties and many other concerns. 

The Importance of a Child Psychologist for Narre Warren Children

A child Psychologist is valuable as they can help you to understand your child as they grow and develop from birth to adulthood.


  • We aim to determine whether your child’s behaviour is a normal stage of development or abnormal.

  • Providing strategies to help your child cope with their emotions will improve your communication as a family.

  • We will help you determine the cause of an issue that results in behavioural problems, anxiety or hyperactivity.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Child Psychologist


You can help your child prepare for their appointment by telling them ahead of time. 


  • Take the time to let your child get used to the idea and answer any questions they may have about what to expect.

  • Find a Psychologist that you and your child are comfortable with as you will then be more willing to share and take advice.

  • Take your child to all their therapy sessions as they need this time to learn the new skills required to overcome their problems.

Why Winnicott Psychology Clinic is Cost Effective?

We tailor a specific clinical treatment plan for your child, and you can expect to see results. We also measure the progress of our patients and will change the treatment if necessary until we deem a plan effectual. Contact us today for available appointment times.


Our Child Psychologist in Narre Warren Provides Kid’s Therapy

Our therapists are taking new patients!

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