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About Cassie Eckard

Cassie is a psychologist who prioritises empathy in creating a supportive therapeutic relationship with her clients. Cassie understands the importance of finding the right ‘fit’ in a therapist and works from a client centred approach where clients can feel heard and validated. Cassie is always eager to learn more about what makes her clients ‘tick’. In this way, Cassie helps clients discover existing strengths and resources that can be used to help with life’s challenges. Cassie can help you be more aware of your self talk and thought patterns. Thinking styles can often impact on mood and influence behaviours. For example, you might be predicting the worst possible outcome, or focusing solely on your mistakes. Such thinking styles would make life challenging for anyone. Cassie looks forward to helping you to discover how your thoughts, feelings and actions all work together, and how they can work FOR you to improve your well-being.

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