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How will current restrictions affect your appointments?

We all know there are important steps we should each take to help reduce the spread of COVID19.  Since the recent rise in community transmission in Melbourne we now have additional stay at home orders and the requirement for face coverings if we must leave home. 


How does these restrictions affect your appointments with your therapist?


The clinic remains open.  As an essential service we remain here to offer you vital mental health treatment via a mixed model of treatment options, that is, we continue to offer both telehealth and face to face services as needed. 

Telehealth sessions

We want to help you stay at home and still access your treatment.


You can choose to have your appointments with your therapist via telehealth.   


You can seek treatment conveniently from your couch at home and thus avoid government requirements to wear a mask when outside your home. 


Telehealth appointments are the absolute safest way for you to access your treatment, both for you and your therapist.   


No community transmission is possible through the pixels!

Face to Face Sessions

For those who feel they really need it, we will also continue to offer face to face appointments for as long as government direction says it remains safe for us to do so.   


For face to face appointments you must wait in your car until your therapist texts you to come up for your appointment, apply hand sanitiser and have your temperature taken.  Of course you will need to keep your face covering on throughout your session (and so will your therapist). 


Please remember to bring only those who are needed to be in the session, as there is no waiting area available at the clinic.


You can be sure that Winnicott staff engage in regular cleaning of touch points in the clinic between clients sessions. 

Winnicott staff will keep you safe and not attend the clinic if they are unwell

and we trust the whole Winnicott community,

and know that you clients will will diligently keep us safe and stay at home if you are unwell.  

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