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Do you see signs that say it's time for family counselling in Berwick?

Increasing strain between family members, explosive arguments, or just a growing silence and distance between parents and their children — families aren't immune to problems. How you address those problems can have a big impact on the future, though. At Winnicott Psychology Clinic, we provide a reliable choice for family counselling in Berwick no matter your specific concern.

How Winnicott Psychology Clinic Stands Out in Family Counselling for Berwick

Choosing a professional provider can seem challenging at first, but a closer look will reveal a local option fully equipped and ready to handle your family's challenges. Some of the ways in which our service stands out include:

  • Empirical, evidence-based treatment options that focus on better equipping you and your family members to navigate the challenges of life and the home social unit. 

  • A dedicated team of compassionate professionals who possess a genuine desire to help you feel good — even when there are still problems to confront. 

  • A clear way to measure progress from session to session. Often, it can feel as though it is difficult to see the results from therapy right away — but we work to establish a baseline and to show you how you grow along the way. Not only does this help to keep treatment on track by allowing for adjustments, but it builds patient confidence, too. 

With these strengths, we are well-equipped to help your family understand the next steps.

Getting the Most Out of Visits for Family Therapy in Berwick

For many, the experience of visiting a psychologist can be entirely new. You may not know what to expect at first. That's okay — we have some helpful tips for you. Keep these in mind to approach your sessions with the right frame of mind. 

  • Be ready to be upfront about what is going on in your life. That doesn't mean you have to spill everything all at once — you won't find yourself feeling pressured. Instead, just be aware that we all have work to do to better. A willingness to engage openly and honestly is always a good place to begin.

  • Don't be afraid to speak up when you have questions or concerns. Do you feel as though a treatment strategy isn't working for you the way you would like? Let your psychologist know, and we can have a clear discussion about the next steps.

  • Don't expect a grand solution to every problem. In life, there are many things out of our control. What is in within our control, though, is how we react to those problems. Our psychologists are here to equip you better to react constructively. 

About Winnicott Psychology Clinic

Founded more than 15 years ago, the experienced team behind Winnicott Psychology Clinic is driven by a passion for providing our local neighbours with access to the mental health care services they deserve. Too often problems could be addressed with help are left to grow unchecked due to uncertainty, stress, and fear. We are here to remind you that feeling good as a family is worth the effort it sometimes takes to build bridges. Contact us now for further details on how we can help.

Explore Solutions in a Safe Environment through Family Counselling near Berwick

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