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Marriage counselling near Cranbourne offers fresh perspectives.


Every marriage can encounter difficulties, though some may be more severe and troubling than others. Feelings of jealousy, a lack of trust, or even simple financial pressure can put a serious strain on even long-lasting relationships. For couples who recognise that there’s a problem but cannot determine how to address solutions together, marriage counselling from Cranbourne professionals can make a difference.

Preparing Yourself to Make the Most from Relationship Counselling near Cranbourne

Starting counselling may be daunting, but the results can be worth the initial difficulty and discomfort. To get the most out of your sessions, we have some helpful tips for you. It can be useful to:

  • Try to think clearly about the issues that concern you most. It may be beneficial for each partner to create a separate list of concerns to bring up during counselling sessions.

  • Understand that counselling is not all about talking. While the opportunity to be heard can feel good, there are some cases where there is a limit to what talking can achieve. Be ready to put in real work at self-evaluation and improvement under the clinical guidance of your psychologist.

  • Be patient. Human beings are complex creatures, and it can take time to make concrete progress in some cases. Remember the importance of communication and allowing yourself to feel necessary feelings. Allow yourself to discuss concerns about challenges with the psychologist and be willing to attempt suggested treatment plans.​

The Importance of Treatment and Marriage Counselling for Cranbourne Couples

With all that said, what are the real reasons counselling is worth anyone's time? The reality is there is much to be gained through this process. Some of the benefits you may enjoy include the ability to:

  • Learn to recognise and cherish the value of your partner even when not every problem has been solved. Feeling a growing gulf of distance between you and your spouse can be difficult. At Winnicott Psychology Clinic, we offer strategies to use for trying to bridge that divide and reunite you on common ground.

  • Engage with practical strategies for resolving a conflict. We often learn how to contend with conflict from our own families and peers — who may not always be the teacher we would've liked best. A psychologist can help equip you with thoughtful strategies for re-examining your emotions and breaking down argumentative barriers.

  • Gain a new understanding of your partner — and allow them to do the same. Through clinical counselling and with empirically-backed treatments, you can better understand why you act and feel certain ways. Your partner will, too. This new understanding can open the door to a longer-lasting peace.

  • Setting a goal of a amicable resolution — if proceeding with a relationship isn’t possible, the alternative does not have to be bitter and negative. Marriage counselling can help couples who no longer wish to remain with each other, end their relationship with respectful and caring awareness.

Don't Miss Out On the Opportunity to Work on Your Relationship

At Winnicott Psychology Clinic, we open our doors to couples looking for a way to gain the perspectives they need to forge onward in their relationship. With flexible treatment options backed up by evidence and research administered by friendly, understanding psychologists, you can start your journey towards a new normal today. Book with us to learn more now.

Navigate the Challenges of Marriage with Counselling near Cranbourne

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