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About Madeleine CaviCchi

Madeleine has a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and has extensive experience working with individuals of all ages to support them to thrive.


For 12+ years Madeleine has focused on supporting others through her warm, honest and non-judgemental approach to relationship building, both in community health and correctional facilities/detention centres.


For each client and/or family, the individually-tailored treatment is developed collaboratively.


Psychological treatment is centered around you with a focus on your goals, strengths and working style. Madeleine works hard alongside her clients, informed by evidence-based interventions and supported by quantitative data through the use of questionnaires.


Madeleine practically demonstrates how to apply psychological tools in the therapy room, to support clients to feel confident to experiment with these approaches and tools in their own lives.


Madeleine supports clients to improve their mental health and get them a step closer to the life they want to live.

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