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Our Psychologist helps Narre Warren couples to understand their behaviour.

We provide an unbiased approach and give you techniques that will aid you in navigating a difficult time in your relationship. Our Psychologist for the Narre Warren community will help you recognise the behaviour and reactions of you and your partner. They will show you how to think clearly and prevent repeating ineffective behaviour patterns. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Our Psychologist for Narre Warren Patients

We strive to bring clarity and perspective to situations that are unique to you. To help you get the most value out of our sessions consider the following tips.


  • Arrive at your appointment slightly early to give yourself time to relax and collect your thoughts before your session begins.

  • Let our Psychologist be in charge of ending the session on time.

  • Apply your Psychologist’s advice throughout the week between session and take notes of aspects to discuss during the next meeting.

Benefits of Winnicott Psychology Clinic 

Our professional staff and a calm atmosphere provide you with an ideal neutral environment to safely share your concerns. You can easily access our clinical treatments at our purpose-built therapy rooms.


  • We offer free on-site parking for our patients.

  • We are within walking distance from public transport including Berwick train station.

  • We will also consider Skype and phone therapy sessions to ensure you receive regular counselling. 

Why Seeing a Psychologist is Cost Effective?

We teach you strategies and skills through our treatment plans that will be beneficial to your relationship, and you can expect to see results. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Our Psychologist for Narre Warren will Help You Manage Rough Patches in Your Relationship

Our therapists are taking new patients!

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